• Germination Days: 3 - 10
  • Hardiness Zones:3-12
  • Planting Depth: 1/2"
  • Plant Spacing:3-6”
  • Row Spacing:12-18”
  • Growth Habit:Upright
  • Soil Preference:Fertile, loose and well-drained with soil pH 6.0-7.5
  • Temp Preference:Cool to warm
  • Light Preference:Full sun to partial shade
  • Days to Maturity:50-60 days
  • Pests/diseases:Red, black harlequin bug, aphids and downy mildew

Purple Top White Globe Turnips are hardy biennials and prefer to grow in cool season. These bulb-shaped plants are one of the most diverse veggies ever grown. Perfectly blushed with pink to purple at the crown, classic turnip roots grow to an average size of 4”. All parts of turnips are edible making it a versatile vegetable to grow. These are very fast-growing vegetables and are loaded with vitamins and even provide protein, making these root plants an appetizing alternative to potatoes.


Directly sow seeds 3 weeks before the last spring frost. In southern climates with warm winters, you can sow in early autumn for late fall harvest or allow your crop to overwinter. Generally, turnips prefer cool-to-temperate conditions ranging from 40 – 75 ℉. Plant seeds 1/2" deep, 2” apart and with 12 - 18” spaced in between rows. Once these plants have grown about 4” tall, thin the young seedlings so they are about 6” apart. Soil must be fertile and well-drained with a pH level of 6.0-7.5. Loosen the soil bed to about 12” deep prior to planting, this heirloom variety grows with hardy roots. Germination will take 3-10 days. Turnips need 1” of water each week and prefer a layer of mulch to help retain moisture.

Note: Temperatures above 75 ℉ will cause turnips to bolt and go to seed before they’re fully matured.


  • Keep the beds weed free, while pulling the weeds by hand be careful not to disturb the root of young turnips. 
  • Mulch to retain moisture and suppress weeds.
  • Turnips do not need much care, but consistent soil moisture is important. Keep soil lightly moist, watering at a rate of 1 inch per week to prevent the roots from becoming tough and bitter.


Harvest Turnips once the roots have grown 4” wide, smaller bulb size are tender and more flavorful. Harvest root vegetables by lifting up the roots with a gardening fork or by digging up the entire plant. You can also harvest the green leaves once they’ve grown about 3” wide. Don’t cut more than 3 leaves off at a time since it slows the root development.

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